When we think about our jobs, we don't just think of wedding days and photo sessions.

We don't just think about the lead up, the planning, or the days we'll spend discussing your plans.

When we think of our jobs, we think of anniversaries. We think of the dinners with friends where you'll remember these days. We think of decades from now where you'll look back to these images and smile.

As a married couple ourselves, we know how important your photos are to you -- because we also know just how important ours are to us. And even more than that, we know how significant these memories will be. We never take our role in your wedding, your photoshoot, or your life lightly. And we'll be there to help make sure you love and remember your memories just as much as we do ours.

Cody has been shooting professionally for almost a decade and has shot hundreds of weddings, events and engagements throughout his photo career. He works as our principal photographer and believes not just in capturing images, but freezing moments in time. He is also a multiple-award winning fine-art photographer with work featured across Canada.

Camille has shot by Cody’s side for more than five years while also handling the day-to-day operations for the studio. As the studio manager, her role is to work with you from first email to the final edit to ensure your photos are everything you dream them to be. She believes that your wedding day should always be about you, and she will make sure your photos and photo timelines reflect this.

We’re Cody & Camille. We're spouses, best friends, and business partners.

And we believe your important moments are worth great photography. 

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